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    We build powerful products with massive appeal that we use ourselves. Great functionality and ease of use are paramount. Success is measured by user engagement and satisfaction. Failures are viewed as opportunities for improvement; we learn from our mistakes. We operate with integrity and respect the people we touch.

    Think Big
    Our products serve a core human need. Billions or even trillions of new human connections are possible. This is a massive opportunity to make a positive impact on the world and we work passionately to make it a reality. We will achieve this by imagining and inventing the future, pushing technology limits, and building great products.

    Work Smart
    We operates in small teams, which allows us to act decisively and move quickly. Politics have no place here. Honesty, transparency and trust flourish. We are data-driven, but common sense guides us. We encourage people to maintain balance and enjoy the journey.

    It’s All About Results
    We demand excellence from ourselves and our colleagues and make full use of our skills and talents to maximize our contributions to the team. Commitments are met, the best ideas are celebrated and results are rewarded. People have the autonomy and decision-making authority they need to get things done and make an impact.

    We make social discovery products that enable anyone to meet and socialize with new people. Our mission is to help everyone feel love and belonging, and we’re building toward a vision where anyone can use a device to instantly connect with interesting new people anytime, anywhere.

    Founded in 2014 and profitable since 2018, List2b is a market leader in social discovery with over 500 million registered members in 200 countries who make over 100 million new social connections every month. List2b is based in Madrid…

    Madrid está presente en todos los continentes.

    Quizás te sorprenda que en Suráfrica existan 9 ciudades que se llaman Madrid, así como las 5 que hay en Colombia. Otros países de habla hispana en los que hay “madriles” son Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile o República Dominicana. Puedes viajar hasta Suecia, el frío país del norte de Europa para encontrar más madrileños, así como a Canadá, a Estados Unidos adonde podemos encontrar 11 ciudades que se llaman Madrid. Uno de los países que más nos llama la atención es Uzbequistán.